Elder Law 101: How to Ensure Your Home Goes to Your Loved Ones

When planning the future of your assets after you pass away, your home is often the most important one. It will certainly have a very significant financial value associated with it, but in many cases, it is the emotional value that is most important. Many people mistakenly think that when they pass away, their home will just naturally be passed on to their children; but that is often not the case. Even when this does Read More

Understanding the Durable Power of Attorney in Florida

A durable power of attorney is an important legal document that grants another party the right to act on your behalf in many legal matters. Understanding exactly what this means and how it will impact your future is essential. This post provides a brief introduction to what the durable power of attorney is and some key points about how Florida courts will look at it. What Is a Durable Power of Attorney? If you Read More

5 Ways You Can Help Your Loved One Transition Into a Nursing Home

If you have an aging loved one who may have to enter a nursing home, it can be a very stressful and difficult experience for them. Before, during, and after their admittance to the nursing home, there are some things you can do to help make the transaction easier. The following five things can help ensure this entire process is as easy as possible for everyone involved. Find the Right Nursing Home In most Read More

5 Things You Can Do Today to Start Planning for Long Term Care

Preparing for your long term care is something that you want to start doing as soon as possible. The more time you have to prepare, the more options you’ll have available to help ensure you will have the care you need. Take some time to look through the important things you can do today to help prepare for yourself for the possibility of long term care in your future. Knowing the Costs One of the first things Read More

How Your Divorce Affects Your Estate Plans

Going through a divorce will have a significant impact on just about every aspect of your life. For many things, adjusting and adapting to the changes just happens naturally. For other things, such as estate planning, you will need to take the time to fix it yourself. If you fail to have your estate plan properly updated after a divorce, it can result in your assets going to people or places that you would not like, Read More

A Brief Guide to Special Needs Trusts

When going through the estate planning process, it can become overwhelming to see all the different types of trusts, and determining which ones you will need. Taking a moment to learn about what special needs trusts are, and how they can be used, is essential for many families. This blog post is written specifically to give individuals and families a good introduction to this particular type of trust. Who Needs a Read More

Elder Law and Estate Planning: What’s the Difference?

In all legal fields there are a lot of complicated and confusing terms that are used, and the meanings are often confused by people who aren’t familiar with the law. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to elder law and estate planning. These two areas of the law are often mistaken for each other or used interchangeably. However, they are actually distinct from each other and each has different practical Read More

5 Common Signs of Dementia

Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to give any specific medical or legal advice. If you have any questions about dementia or any medical condition, you should consult with a licensed medical professional. Dementia is a condition that many people fear as they get older. While there is currently no cure, with an early diagnosis there is quite a bit that can be done to help slow its progress and ensure proper Read More

Understanding Florida Do Not Resuscitate Orders and its Place in Estate Planning

Just about everyone has heard of do not resuscitate orders, also known as DNRs. These are important legal documents that can prevent unwanted medical intervention from being performed as you or a loved one is approaching the end of life. While most people have at least a general understanding of what DNRs are, it is important to ensure you have accurate information so you can decide when it is right to have one in Read More

Estate Planning 101: The Powers of Attorney

When going through the estate planning process, you will likely hear about “powers of attorney” as an important part of a good plan. Having a good understanding of what it is and why it is important can help ensure you are prepared to make the right decisions for you, your family, and your estate. Read on to get answers to some common questions about this important legal process. What are powers of Read More